2020 Campaign

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable world in which everyone’s community supports the shared coordination of white-water systems; hydroponic and vertical gardens; solar, kinetic, and electric energy grids; and community governance through parpolity. All denizens of our community have their basic needs of food, water, clothing, and shelter met, and are supported in creating more value for themselves and others. We are a true, radical, deliberative democracy, advocating and maintaining a praxis for ecological justice, economic freedom, political sovereignty, and the liberation of all people and peoples from interpersonal and intergroup oppression and violence. We are united by a shared sense of responsibility to each other and our world. We have a well-educated, cosmopolitan, well-travelled, and internationally-interconnected populace who can discern fact from garbage and treat all other denizens with human dignity. Every denizen gives a 1-2 years of service to humanity and restoring our shared ecologies, where they learn to meaningfully collaborate and problem-solve with others. We have successfully advocated for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address the impacts of slavery on black people in the country, and how racism impacts all of us today. We are a world healing, and standing firm, together for intergalactic peace. Our Interns and Fellows research, develop, and design game-based relational & civic experiences, participate in local issue and electoral politics, advocate political platforms to change public policy, develop governmental and non-profit programs, and coordinate public demonstrations as means of engaging democracy.

Our Goals:

  • To empower students and community members to develop anti-racism, public health, and community-organizing service learning projects & campaigns
  • To establish sustainable relational leadership in schools that ensures each student is seen and treated with dignity
  • To establish sustainable ecological leadership to ensure restoration of local ecology
  • To establish sustainable civic leadership to ensure political participation in our democracy
  • To increase the number and quality of organizer-trainers in Los Angeles


To establish ten 3-year Tools4Democracy! Campaign partnerships with high schools in Los Angeles by September 30th, 2018. Included for each school:

  • 10 Days of Intern & Fellow Recruitment
  • 4 Days of Fellow Training
  • 4 Days of Intern Training
  • 6 Programs
    • 3 days 2 nights each
    • Student participates in 2 programs each
    • Program costs $50 total, per student

To recruit and train 200 college students to participate as Interns for schools, and facilitate 3 Call2Action! Programs each for a local high school by December 30, 2018

To film 1 Call2Action! Relational Engagement Retreat, and publish it as a documentary through the Call2Actions! Website by July 1, 2018

To publish 30 exemplary Service Learning Projects and Campaigns through the Call2Actions! Website by September 30, 2018

To fundraise for 50 Call2Action! Projects through the Call2Actions! Website by July 1, 2018
To run 24 weekends of Call2Action! programs for 4 schools in Los Angeles by June 30, 2018